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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to Mindful Values Thank you for working with us and using our services. All the products and services are provided by Mindful Values, locatedContinue ReadingTerms of Use

Welcome to Mindful Values

Thank you for working with us and using our services. All the products and services are provided by Mindful Values, located at 1401 21st ST, STE R Sacramento, CA 95811, United States.

By using our products and services, you’re consenting to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please go through them carefully.


All material provided on this website is for information purposes only. Visiting this website does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Direct consultation with a qualified professional must address any medical or mental health issues or problems.

Our services

You need to follow our policy regarding any service offered by us. Don’t try to misuse our products and services, and you can’t use the Mindful Values logo or brand in your services.


We are a mental health clinic treating patients with depression, anger management, and anxiety issues. During the treatment, these emotions are sometimes directed towards the clinic. Hence, the arbitration clause is essential for an independent review of the matter.

Any controversy or claim arising from or relating to this website, the patient-doctor relationship, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association following its Commercial Arbitration Rules [including the Optional Rules for Emergency Measures of Protection].

Before arbitration results are finalized, the patient agrees not to post any reviews, accusations, or inflammatory postings online.


Any information published on the website is believed to be accurate as of the date when the content is developed. Mindful Values disclaims any legal obligation to update the content, and information about any company other than Mindful Values must not be relied upon as being endorsed by them.


All copyrightable graphics, text, arrangement of materials, and the website design are subject to copyrights owned by Mindful Values, which reserves all the rights. Materials can be downloaded only for permissible purposes and can’t be modified.


All Mindful Values trademarks are the exclusive property of Mindful Values. The unauthorized use of any brand will be regarded as a violation of trademark laws.

Location and laws

Mindful Values operate the website from its office in California, and the state laws of California govern this Terms of Service.

Violation of Terms of Service

Mindful Values reserves the right to take legal actions against anybody who violates the Terms of Service. It has the right to block access to its website from a specific IP address.

If you violate our Terms of Service, Mindful Values won’t be held responsible for anything. Mindful Values, its whole team, and clients would be deemed harmless and free from any responsibility to pay attorney fees due to your abuse.

The Terms of Service can be changed at any time by Mindful Values. The new terms and conditions will go into effect as soon as they are posted here. If people use this website or your services, it will be assumed that they agree with the changes.

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Insurance plans may vary by location and are subject to change.